Friday, October 14, 2011

Confirmed: I Have Rank Rot.

Back this time last year, my rank charts plummeted on my turn based servers (OGS, DGS) because I'd let work take a hold of me and let many dozens of games expire. My rank dropped into the abyss.

Outside of a few weeks though, I did not really stop playing. I kept playing turn based games, the occasional (increasingly rare) live KGS game. The occasional re-read of go problems on the shitter. Sort of a tepid go commitment.

Now, about a year later, I can see the results: rank rot.

I'd have told anyone who asked (which was no one, btw) that my rank was 6-7kyu. I was wrong. It was... er... possibly more like 9-8 kyu. For IRL tournaments, which I haven't attended since then, it was probably less, since I played 3-5 stones less there. Who knows.

I recently started playing KGS, and realized I was around 8 kyu. Then I realized this correlated with my turn-based ranks too (maybe even worse!).

So, question is: how do I get back? More importantly, how do I break through the ceiling I'm at near 6 kyu? I ask this rhetorically, perhaps, since I don't really have the time to devote to this wonderful art. Been trying to get my physical shape together since then, it's very time consuming.

Let me rephrase: what's the most time efficient way of improving my rank?


  1. >Let me rephrase: what's the most time efficient way of improving my rank?

    i'm not great player for shure ))) but i can say something maybe useful:

    take energy from something for first step. in my case source is video-lectures of shygost and murugandi. they are really powerful teachers. a bit of Go-spirit, basics and joy of reading 2-3-4… moves ahead — this is all you need to become 4k i bet. maybe 1d, but i'm not shure — i'm still 4-5k )))

    and… good luck! )


  2. Tsumego, tesuji and repeat. Only reading will get you up a notch... Once your reading serves nothing, add some strategy books to the mix