Sunday, December 19, 2010

KGS Analytics

Just a quick post: I found a neat little page that takes data from KGS and displays it in a useful format:

KGS Analytics

There's also what looks like a REALLY cool application to view in even more detail, but looks like you may have to brush op on your Japanese to do so:

Christmas wish: For Go Dojo software to be ported to iOS and/or Android!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Go Coma

I went into a 'go coma' for about four months, which is to say, I stopped playing go entirely for a while.

Work got too busy (still too busy). It was bad timing because it coincided with my entry into the Insei league (signed up a month or two before, Sept was the first month it came active again). So instead of a minimum of 12 games I clocked in... er.... zero. So, that sucked, the entry fee isn't cheap either.

With that bummer fresh in mind, I kind of stopped playing turn based daily (I'd long since stopped playing the more time demanding live KGS games). I was using vacation time for a while, but when you stop playing the games daily, it's really easy to fall behind.

The result? I lost like FORTY games due to time. My rank plummeted, mostly on OGS. My actual rank no doubt dropped a stone or two due to lack of practice, but since I've recently resumed I think I'm getting back.

Just as I was getting back to playing daily, OGS went down for a week -- hardware woes. Hopefully it's fixed and back up for a while now.

I still occasionally imagine that having an iPad would be the ultimate go machine, for turn based and KGS. But a few Google searches show that this is probably not true -- there is no acceptable KGS client, and SmartGo Kifu does not seem to be the same as SmartGo for Windows, so I'm not sure how good it would be for analysis. If the software ever gets together though, it would a super cool way to play!

Time is still tight for me, and will be for a while probably. I'll at least try to play daily turn based, and maybe the occasional KGS match.