Sunday, July 18, 2010

OGS DOWN! Three days and counting...

OGS ( has been down since Friday, and no word of what's going on.

You just get this message:
Un problème technique sur un de nos serveurs nous oblige à bloquer tous les sites.
Revenez plus tard.
Désolé pour le désagrément,
L'équipe technique de nainwak. 

From Google Translate:
A technical problem with one of our servers we have to block all sites.
Come back later.
Sorry for the inconvenience,
The technical team Nainwak.

Or, from Yahoo Babel Fish:
Hello, Engineering problems on one of our waiters oblige us to block all the sites. Return later. Afflicted for the nuisance, L' engineering team of nainwak. 

This leads me one, inevitable, conclusion: lol, babelfish sucks :)

Well, to be fair, I always used to use Babelfish since AltaVista came out with it. It's just that Google's translation is so much better...

I'm very concerned about OGS, and lack of info. Some activity on (replaced, which is officially dead at this time), but no explanations. On SL's OGS Status page, simply 'server maintenance', and no word since Friday.

Hope everything's ok, I really like OGS!

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