Friday, June 25, 2010

NOVA Go Congress 2010 Tournament

Been a while, but the next NOVA go tourny is coming, Saturday June 26th.

It's allegedly to prep for the 2010 Go Congress, which I will not be attending. My rational is simply: if I had the time and money to go to Colorado Springs, I probably wouldn't spend my time inside at a go congress.

This brings up the tragic circumstances of the 25th Go Congress in 2009:
  1. It was the 25th, which is a round number for people who value the number of digits on their hands, assuming there are 5 each.
  2. It was basically in my backyard. 
  3. Sponsored by by soon-to-be go club (although I've never attended a single meeting -- still plan on it!)
  4. Yet, was a few months before I picked back up on go seriously* (*casually), so I didn't know or care about it
Alas, maybe in 60 years it'll be back here.

I shall be at the tourny, and this time I shall bring a backpack fully prepared with the following items:
  1. FIVE t-shirts. Assuming there are 4 rounds, that is one t-shirt destroyed per round, with one to go home in. Each t-shirt will doubtlessly be clever and/or amusing to me.
  2. One Chronos GX Touch clock, hopefully preconfigured for tournament times, cause I can't figure that damned thing out in the time between matches. The word obtuse comes to mind (not me, the clock -- wait, maybe I do mean me)
  3. Power bars, at least 3. Hardly food, but will do in a pinch.
  4. One Netbook. Hopefully I will remember to get my G1 fixed up so I can get wireless via 3G if I have to. Wait... who am I kidding, we'll be in a basement of a GMU building. No cell, no wifi. Maybe I can study joseki or something with SmartGo (unlikely). Mostly it's there to record games in SmartGo, if I'm feeling up to it.
  5. Go books. Probably Go Problems for Beginners Vol 3 (please bring back into print!), maybe something else. 
  6. Maybe some printed kifu if someone objects to netbook.
We will see if I break 1 in 4 or if I sink to no wins... entering as 12 kyu again, we'll see!

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