Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why I will NEVER play go again...

False headline. Sorry. Been too busy playing go to post, and I feel bad with another headline talking about how bad I feel about not posting.

But I don't feel bad about totally lying in the title. Hmmm.

So, what, no posts?

Yes, no posts. What have I been doing?

Playing DGS. And my new addiction, OGS. A lot.

Not playing KGS, not much at all. It's just a time thing.

Not that I won't play DGS/OGS for like 1-2 hours a night... it's just that it's safely interruptable. And distraction resistant (mindless tv can be on in the background).

I have lots of cool posts in my head. Lots of neat topics I'd like to post about. But I currently have no good, easy diagram system, which is really what I need. Past posts have included painstakingly built diagrams, either cropped screenshots from SmartGo, or downloaded diagram images built on sensei's (sorry SL, I hope I didn't make too many temp images that are kept indefinitely, orphaned...).

So, current status:
  • Rockin a high 8kyu on DGS, some losses pending but still think I'll be 7 kyu soon. Maybe.
  • Seriously waffling on 10kyu on KGS, not playing enough, playing too many of those rare games when tired.
  • Have a hilariously wrong 3.6 kyu on OGS (?!). I entered as 10 kyu, resigned once, won one even game against like a 6 kyu, and it JUMPED me to 3.6?! Weird. Needed to be careful not to start any new games, but, like a fool, started a handicap tournament while at this inflated rating. I shall be a 17 kyu on OGS soon enough...
 Things I really want to make posts on (you should see the number of unpublished posts I have...):
  • Third line cut: when it works, when it doesn't.
  • OGS (online-go.com)! 
    • Conditional moves, the good and bad.
    • Mini-tournaments!
    • Title tournaments!
    • Rapid server improvement, feature voting!
    • Pay to play? Sorta? (good, bad?)
    • Ugly board/stone graphics? But upgradeable! (But all still ugly :(  )
    • No reloads, but slow javascript?
  • Flavored stones: licorice, peppermint
  • Unlinked moves (e.g.: TENGEN, BITCH!)
  • Plateaus (nothing on top but a bucket and a mop)
  • gote-no-sente and sente-no-gote and gote-no-pants
  • Player styles, player combinations (do you and another player always end up in multiple ko fights? Giant moyo battles? Single game-deciding-semeai-to-the-death battles? Battle of the least-number-of-stupid-mistakes? Big group deaths, resurrections, deaths, resurrections, etc?)
  • Endgame mastery
  • Opening mastery
  • Cut whenever you can cut, even when you can't.
  • Ugly rules: extra (but necessary) rules that have been added to go beyond the three basic ones.
    • Bent four in the corner dead (makes a point difference when you don't have to "prove it")
    • Super ko
    • No shirts, no shoes, no sente

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