Friday, May 21, 2010

Beginner League Registration Open

I am receiving interest in the beginner (<=15kyu) league, so I'm setting up a way to register.

Still no exact schedule right now, so let's first collect contact info so people can be reached when necessary.

Please send the following information to

  • Your usernames on DGS, OGS, and KGS. If  you don't have accounts on all three, now's a good time to make them. If you are making new ones, using the same username would be helpful. If you use different accounts for different board sizes (or any other reason), give your strongest account for use on 19x19 boards. If you have different usernames, please note the one that you want to join the league as.
  • An email address you can be reached at. Please note if you want this shared with the other league players or  not. Your email address will absolutely not be used for anything other than league mailings.
  • You real name (optional, but helpful)
  • Country (optional)
  • Time zone (hours offset from GMT)
  • Preference between turn based (DGS/OGS) and real time (KGS, other). You could prefer both or any as well.
  • Time per week willing to commit (we're very flexible on this, just want to know)
  • General notes (optional, private) about your background in go, e.g.: how long playing, rank history, learning goals, et cetera.
  • Go books owned, go books read, if any.
Once you register, you will be notified of league updates via email. You may also want to track this site's RSS feed or @killingshapes on Twitter.

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