Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2010 Cherry Blossom Tournament

April 3rd was the NOVA go club's annual Cherry Blossom Tournament in DC at the Sumner School.

I believe it was their 10th year at that location, my first. It was a very pretty building and was near Dupont Circle. Metro ride was less than fantastic, between the Nationals game, nice weather, and cherry blossoms, it was packed to the glass.

How did the tournament go? I entered as a 12kyu, which I thought might be sandbagging a bit (what with 10 and 9 kyu for KGS and DGS), but, sadly, it was not.

1 win, 3 losses, AGAIN.

Don't get me wrong, I love that one win. If it was 4 losses I'd be bummed.

The most interesting loss was to a newcomer who I gave a 17 stone handicap. To be fair, he was just 7 years old! It's a little intimidating trying to play against a 17 stone handicap... where do you even start?

He did well though, winning 3 of 4 games in the tournament -- I'll wager in 2 years he'll be giving me handicap stones.

So, my AGA rating is still -13.5, with no chance of shooting up any time soon. I do kind of fall apart halfway through the 45-minutes-per-side games -- I just get mentally exhausted and start making massive mistakes.

As usual, I started all of the games off (massive handicap game aside) pretty strong.

It was fun, I'll do it again next year if possible, hopefully much improved!

Before Tournament

I also pioneered a new tournament protocol.

I carried an extra t-shirt, and would change shirts after each round.

I even put my nasty, sweat covered shirt on the air vents to attempt to dry them.

I'm a nasy, nasty man sometimes.

Next tournament (IRL or online), I'm carrying a fresh shirt for each round.

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