Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hane? You'll Put Your Eye Out!

I've noticed this for a long time, even around my current 10kyu-ish level, and it needs to stop.

Don't hane (Japanese for 'quick-turn', sorta; pronounced 'hah-nay', not 'hain') on the first line if you're desperately needing an eye! (Well, unless you have enough room)

Here's a generic scenario. You have four stones over the first line, and you only need to form ONE eye. And it's your turn. You'll have no problems!

BUT! If you try to hane, no matter how vulnerable the other side is, you have just killed your group.

Typical Hane on First Line
Normally you'd hane on the first either to:

1. Get a measly point or four in sente if the the other side is vulnerable and cannot directly block.

2. Get a measly point or two in gote in late endgame.

Suicidal Hane on First Line
The typical 'safe' hane on the first line you will do hundreds of times for every time you need to form a second eye on the first line with this little room to maneuver. As such, it's very easy to reflexively hane and kill yourself where you should have lived. This very thing happened last night twice in one game to my 10kyu KGS opponent, so I believe it's worth mentioning.

The Fatal Mistake

Opponent Throws in First (version 1, two parts)

Opponent Throws in First (version 2)

Opponent Hane (two versions)

What Black Should Have Done (two versions)

It's all just the stuff of basic life and death problems, just thought I'd throw in a reminder for this specifically!

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  1. Oh, boy. The first line. I call it "the wall," because that's what it feels like in a fight. I usually avoid "the wall," unless I have a good strong / solid corner to extend from; single eye sometimes, double eyes are preferable.