Monday, March 1, 2010

Brief Book Review of Brief Book: "How Not to Play Go"

 I'd figured I'd post this since I just wrote it: How Not to Play Go brief review.


This is a very short book. It consists almost exclusively of game reviews, three in total.

Both it's brevity and it's content (just game reviews?) made it a little disappointing for me, at least at first. Such a cool title, I expected something different I guess.

The good news is, the game reviews are excellent, some of the best I've seen. By best, I mean it's quite readable and understandable to me, a 10 kyu (maybe 12 kyu AGA?).

So, if you go into it knowing what to expect, it can be a good book.

In total it's only 32 numbered pages. Again, brief book. Check TOC below to see you how short the non-game review stuff is -- it's literally a few paragraphs.

But, if you are a kyu player and want some good, understandable game reviews, I highly recommend it!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction (1)
  • Chapter One: Common Misunderstandings (3)
  • Chapter Two: An 8 kyu game (5)
  • Chapter Three: A 4 kyu game (18)
  • Chapter Four: A 1 kyu vs, 2 kyu game (25) 
The weird thing is, at the recent tournament they announced that a half-price workshop ($50 instead of $100, I believe) will be given by Yuan Zhou in the near future.

The name sounded really familiar, and the reason is that I just read his book.

I'm continually shocked how this exotic game has so much representation in my immediate area: this guy lives here, the NOVA group is full of AGA board members, and Slate and Shell is in Richmond, my hometown.

I would just assume all US go stuff was in CA or NY. Kinda cool that a lot of it is not.

I definitely am bummed about missing the last Go Congress in D.C. -- a month or two before I got back into go. Oh well, it'll be back int 20 years, maybe!

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