Saturday, February 13, 2010


No matter what, EVERY time I play go, whether in person or not, I sweat. A lot.

As in, I have to change shirts afterward.



But, I feel it says something for the game.

After all, I'm sitting on my ass, barely moving.

Only occasionally reaching over to click a mouse or place a small stone.

And I'm enjoying myself.

Yet I sweat bullets, and am often physically exhausted after an hour's game.

I think it speaks to the intense concentration the game demands. I think it's a good thing.

But it's still nasty.

Crazy game

The only 1 of 4 games I won tonight on KGS was against an alleged 10 kyu player, but I seriously doubt this rank.

Game went like this: black and white play 4-4 points, each on his own side.
Then black does a 3-3 invasion (?!) as his third move. WTF?

Ok, I build a wall towards my other stone. But he goes beyond joseki, and keeps crawling on the 2nd line. Bewildered, I happily push him down the 2nd line until he stops. Then hane under, I block, but instead of patching his side he invades the OTHER 3-3 corner!

Confused by happy, I build this wall facing the other. Again, he crawls excessively along the 2nd line, then does not finish securing his corner.

What's next move? Invasion on my side, near one of the walls! So I pincer, he jumps out. Awesome I think, I jump out too, making a nice fat moyo on one side. Jumps out more! I follow.

Here's the weirdest part: cuts on of the walls where he'd be laddered to death. Ok, so I atari to start the ladder, and he plays it out! Um, ok, so I continue, FIFTY more moves. I had to pause a few times to make sure *I* wasn't the insane one, but nope, it was true -- he drew a failed ladder across the entire board up to the 2nd line, then resigned.


Here's the game, if you want to see it. And here's the players rank graph (I played him when he was 10kyu, the night previous to this posting... if he keeps playing, the graph should have tanked by now).

Weird. I'll update this post with a picture of the game soon.

Coming Up

I actually mean to post more, here's what I have coming up:
  • Sensei's Library postings on
    • connections
    • cutting
    • ladder vs nets
  • A weird 9x9 against brand new player chicagoben that I'm not quite sure how to score (variation previous to blunder at end). Seki with ko related to eye killing shape and no place to play extra stones... should be interesting.
  • ?

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