Saturday, February 27, 2010

IRL Tournament: NOVA's 4th Chinese New Year Tournament


In-Real-Life no less (I'm glad I'm getting a chance to use my IRL subscription, it's expensive).

Like the NOVA Winter Warmer, it was fun but grueling. Left the house at 7am, got back at 9pm.

Also like the Winter Warmer, I won only one of four, although this time I bumped my entry rank to 12kyu from 13kyu. Also, every competitor was close rank, no more than one rank difference.

But this time I recorded the games! (well, at least 3 of them).

I used my netbook and SmartGo (and a bluetooth mouse) to record the games. I also had printed kifu (from the earlier post) to use, just in case.

Table space was a problem, but the netbook's footprint is smaller than the 8.5x11" kifu, and a hell of a lot easier to use. Besides, SmartGo is the destination for the data anyway.

The cool part is, at the end of the game, instead of counting on the board, I can just press F11!

This (and the record) was crucial in the 3rd match, where I lost by one half a point.

Actually, in all three losses I had a solid lead at one point in the middle, made a stupid mistake (or 2... or 3...) and lost it all.

It's pretty consistent in live games with long times. At about an hour I get mentally exhausted and make moves without reading them fully. It effectively puts me 2-3 stones below how I play the first part of the game. Not sure how to counter it...

This tournament was different in that there were some sort of sponsors. This meant there was loot to be had. One of the people guilty of getting me into/back into go (dhogarty on DGS) won 4/4 and his rank band, and made off with all sorts of loot. He also entered as 9kyu, which quite officially makes him a solid SDK (single digit kyu).

Oh, and in the 4th round, I used the great wall opening (?!). This was foolish, as I am quite weaker at this opening than my normal, but I was so distracted by the fact that I could (got black and an even game in a handicap tournament) that I couldn't resist.

How long until I regretted it? After laying the first stone down (3-10) I looked at it, and regretted it.

To be fair, I was possibly leading in the middle...maybe. I killed no groups, which, with the great wall, is usually a sign of failure.

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