Saturday, February 20, 2010

February KGS Tournament: ** VINDICATION **

September 2009

I'd just started playing go seriously again for a month or less.

My first ever go tournament. Handicap tournament, thankfully.

Second game, I play an 11kyu (I was a 16kyu, just barely), so  I get a 5 stone handicap.

37 minutes and 281 moves later, I have lost by 237.5 points.

As I pointed out in the blog post (my third post here), I'd have actually lost by less by playing something like the landslide fuseki. As a sidenote, sadly, the original location of the landslide fuseki (Temple of Go) does not appear to exist any longer...(?)

The opponent who destroyed me so thoroughly, Verda, went on to win that tournament.

Needless to say, I left remembering the name Verda and fearing it.

February 2010

I'm playing my second game of the Feb KGS tournament, and who am I paired against?

Verda, first time since the tournament in September.

He's even got the crown logo on his name that KGS applies when you've won a tournament.

Except now he's not 11kyu, but 8kyu. Of course, I'm not barely a 16kyu, but a solid 11kyu. So instead of 5-6 stones difference, there is now 2-3.

But... this is an even game.

                            No handicaps.

                                                     No mercy.

All I remember going into the game (15 minutes per side, aggressive byoyomi), is  

I really want to win this...

You can view the SGF here.

It was a nail-biter.

In the middle, I'd surely lost.

But, amazing comeback (and no little luck).

                Failed ladder.

                                  Enormous snapback.

                                                           Very exciting.

                                                                            Highlight reel in the next post.
In the end?

I win.

 Hell yeah.


  1. Is this tournament for KGS+ only? If not, than where have you heard it from?

  2. There are usually free spots open, I believe this still had some. Signing up for KGS+ just guarantees you a spot; they can run out of free spots in theory.

  3. But where I can see the schedule of the tournaments or something and where register?

    BTW, why direction keys don't work in your "post a comment" area?

  4. Unfortunately, the tournaments are announced less than a month ahead, so there's not much of a schedule.


    I'm not sure about the direction keys issue, this is just a generic Blogger blog, should work the same as the others...

  5. Thanks for that tip..

    And yes, the posting is working now... something wierd on my side...