Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chronos GX Touch

This is basically another tournament followup post.

In addition to recording the games on my netbook, I also used my Chronos GX Touch clock for a timer. It's pricey, but if you want the best chess/go clock, this seems to be it. Also, it's solid enough that, if in a pinch, you needed to kill someone with it, you could do so. And once you pick the brain, blood, skull, and hair out of the creases, it'd be good for another tournament.

For the first game, I used neither netbook or clock -- just the NOVA club's wind up chess clock (no byoyomi, you have to do it by hand -- I believe this is why they used Canadian byoyomi).

I must say, I love the Chronos. First time using it in a tournament setting. I had forgotten how to set it, and honestly the configuration of settings is pretty... confusing... unless you do it a lot.

I never hit byoyomi in the tournament (45 minutes per side is a lot... I got close a couple of times though). If I had, I'd have really loved the clock. Otherwise, we'd have to reset the analog clocks, and keep track of number of moves played (5 minutes per 20 stones (15 secs per stone average)). That sounds like a pain in the ass, and highly error prone. I couldn't imagine trying to determine a game like that on just time....

Anyway, even without the tremendous byoyomi pains-saving, it's still pretty nice. The analog clocks have squishy, unreliable metal pegs to press. The Chronos has nice touch sensors -- all it takes is a light brush of any finger.

I find it to be... a much more peaceful way of ending your move.

This concept (peaceful playing) will be followed up in the next post or two...

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