Saturday, January 2, 2010

DGS Addict!

Not much time for blog posting lately, not much time for KGS, but plenty of time for DGS!

It's just so darned convenient... little snippets of play whenever you have the chance. 49 running games may be too much though.

Squeezed in some KGS games (4), and had an interesting time:
-A weird mid-board seki between two walls, the type I only have ever seen in contrived diagrams.
-Two really cool ladder saves, where I placed a remote stone to save previously 'dead' stones, one of which the other player mistakenly played the failed ladder out three turns before resigning at move 133, the other of which (move 59) allowed the capture of another group too.
-A game riddled with fights for life and ko fights.
-A blitz game, extremely rare for me!

I tend to lose all the games I lost through some blunder or another, things I should have known better. This goes both for KGS (where I get tired, and/or overconfident) or DGS (where I'll play one move without thinking enough, usually from my phone).

I'm kind of curious to play more blitz, it's nice because it takes little time. I'm scared it'll screw my game up if I play too much though...

I'm over 12k now on KGS and DGS both.

I will start posting soon a series of posts on things I've learned from playing go. I'm not quite sure what to call it though. I will try to post the first tonight.

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