Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blog Rot! Tournament! Rank Plateau! Rank Breakthrough!

Alright, been a long time since posting. Still playing go though!

First up: Blog Rot!
Here's the tough part: I can play go or blog. Not many chances to do either, and when I've got one... well...

Also, I'm fully aware, that like most bloggers, I'm blogging to myself. If you are reading this, you must come to understand this brutal truth: you are just a figment of my imagination. And while you're in there, dust a bit, for God's sake.

Played the KGS January tournament recently. It was a swiss tournament, no handicap. Seeing as I was a lowly 12kyu, and the average KGS tourney player is.... higher.... it was going to a bloodbath. But, hey, I'd get a chance to player higher ranked players, who'd normally not play me (*cough* bastards *cough*).

And play me they did. A '-' rank (wtf? 7-4k, weird rank graph) a 3k, and s 2 dan. Scary stuff. Let's look at how it played out:

Game 1: The '-' rank:
A damned exciting game, more exciting than later analysis showed. There were major ko fights, exciting ladder reads and misread, just about everything you could ask for in a go game. I wanted to make a post entirely about it, maybe I will some day. Although I fought long and hard, towards the end I was being soundly beaten. Then something CRAZY happened... he ran out of time! In byoyomi! The winning player lost on time in a tournament! I felt really bad about it too, but it was kind of cool :)  I doubt he was happy.
We took nearly the full hour and a half, I barely had time to pee before the next game...

Game 2: The 3kyu:
I started by requesting that he not kill me too badly. Er... I don't remember anything specific at this point, and haven't time to analyze it. I lost by 80.5 points, although I may have hung in there... don't recall.

Game 3: The 2dan:
Holy crap. 12kyu vs 2dan, don't arrive late it may be over.
Holy crap.

Holy crap.

Anyway, in case you can't tell, I get intimidated by rank easily. Partly rational, but mostly overdone.
I was so befuddled by the rank intimidation and strange moves (strange to my rank level!) that I made lots of mistakes pretty quickly.

Heck, it even took me a full two minutes to figure out it was my turn (I was white, I though I had played black's first move via a misclick)!

Once I settled down I began playing with more of a steady hand. The 2 dan seemed to think my rank was wrong. His response after move 66 was amusing.

I've come to think so myself. It seems like, maybe a week or so ago, my effective rank shot up. Hell, I may even be 9k. At least 10k. I'm not sure what happened. More on that weird skill jump later.

Bruce Wilcox
I'm sure I've mentioned somewhere on here that I'm a big fan of the Go Dojo books/software (Contact Fights and Sector Fights) by Bruce Wilcox. I just found out that he has a KGS account (bwilcox) and plays regularly! He's a 2 dan on KGS. Pretty neat!


  1. I'm a "victim" of Hikaru no Go. Too. ^.^ I shortly after got myself a Go board. Now I play on the server KGS. If anyone were to just try the game they would probably love it as much. I usually visit this site: Baduk

  2. That's a pretty cool site, I've never seen it before. I'll have to check it out!