Monday, December 14, 2009

NOVA Winter Warmer Tournament

My first 'real life' tournament. Biggest challenge was parking (I should have known to take the Metro into Rosslyn!), but other than that a good time.

I wish I had some game records to review though!

Won 1 of 4 games, which is better than 0 of 4. I entered as 13k, and I think my AGA rank is probably 14-13k in that context.

The games were very intense and exhausting. When starting the first game, I had a hard time 'reading' patterns on a real board -- not only am I sitting at an angle, but those pesky stones are never directly on the intersection! Amazingly, this awkward visual problem vanished by the end of the first game, and I was very comfortable reading the real boards. Generally, they were thin yellow boards with big chunky ING stones (I actually really like those stones and the cool counting bowls that come with them).

One unexpected effect of playing serious IRL (in-real-life) games is that eye movement of each player is a big factor... you can tell where the other player is looking and vica-versa. I even found myself looking away from an area I was thinking of playing just to counter the gaze giveaway...

I will have to try to find time to get out to a club meeting now and again. Of course, atm I'm fighting to find time to even play on KGS...

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