Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Topics, Boobies

Some topics I'd like to mention here, one day, when I have time to do so:
  • Ability to see Opponents Emotional State Through Play
  • More Early Beginner's (30-25k) Stuff / Go Proselytizing
  • Plateaus (may be reaching slightly above my current level)
  • Handicap Games, strategy for either side
  • Counting
  • Ladder Reading Tips
  • Go Proselytizing: What to say when someone asks "What's that game?"
  • Book Review (just got some neat new ones!)
  • Software Review
  • Technique/Move/Pattern of the Week sorta stuff
  • Blitz versus Tournament Times versus DGS versus No Time Limit
  • Training Regimen
  • Appreciating Pro Games
  • Online Go Clubs
  • Game Memorization
  • Post-Game Analysis
  • Go Server Greeting Rituals
  • McDonald's Dual Drive Through Order Thingies
  • McDonald's Making Hispanics Stand Outside Like The Drive-Thru Order Thingies Are Broken, But They're NOT
Since only Google and I read this blog (Lycos won't return my phone calls): Google, what topics would YOU like?

You know I'm  KGS fan, and this months tournament is a McMahon-style tourney with NO HANDICAP division. This means blood will flow through the streets, and I'm on the donor end of things. Still, should be fun... it's hard to get to play in high handicap games.

Although I did play against a 7k last night, with a 6 stone handicap. I was thoroughly intimidated, and it showed. Eventually I settled down, and even after I killed his corner group (total accident!), he kept throwing these wild plays into my well established territory, expecting me to slip up. Oddly enough, I won.

Oh, and in an attempt to obtain more readers, here's:

a nice, healthy looking pair of boobies

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