Monday, November 2, 2009

KGS Rank Craziness

For the rank graphs of KGS players who've been playing for a while, you'll see these weird sharp drops in rank, like this:

What the heck is this? Are they resetting the ranks every now and again? what's going on?

I only see this with higher ranked players... or with longer players, but that's really the same group, once you remove bots.

What's going on?

Side note:

This a KGS rating histogram from
It shows a couple of things:
  1. Why is it so hard to find low kyu (<12k) games on KGS
  2. Why the upcoming tournament has is split into: <1k, 1k, and >1k
  3. When the steady improvement will start to level off / when it will stop being fun.
Ok, so 'stop being fun' may not be fair, but the leveling off certainly seems certain. That is, unless I'm willing to devote increasingly large amounts of my life to go (which I'm not), and/or if I am willing and able to reverse the ravages of time effects on my mind (willing, but not able).

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