Sunday, November 15, 2009


A spectacular come from behind victory... for my opponent. Ugh. I was up easily 100 points, and do to one stupid mistake, ended up losing by 8.

My opponent (white) had a big dead group, one eye, but completely surrounded. So he's been increasing the size of the dead group for quite a while, desperately trying to make a second eye.

I've been responding pretty much to every move. But I grow weary of this, and want to punish him for constantly playing in what is clearly MY territory, so I tenuki somewhere else. I did this a few times, then, one time, SPECTACULARLY screw up.

Now, the game is more or less riding on a ko fight (actually, I still could have won with that group alive, but I made some other mistakes too...).

It's tough, because the ko fight is worth EVERYTHING to white, so I really didn't have threats big enough to counter. And when he finally took the ko, I forgot to follow through on my ko threat! That alone lost me the game.

I'm feeling frustrated at the moment, but I will eventually come to value this game as one that teaches me an important lesson. Here is the game and its heartbreaking score graph.


er.... UGH! As I'm preparing the game pic, I realize that at the point I thought I was screwed, I WAS NOT! The eye he threatened to make would have been false! Ugh, I'm even more frustrated now.

 Should have played 245 at G6, instead of F6...

Also, I'd recently creeped into the 12k zone, but since this game have fallen back into 13k.

I'll leave you with this pair of great tits...


Ugh... an even closer game I lost after this one (then I lost another after that... dang)...



I'm having trouble whipping out my nuclear tesuji in online games...

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