Monday, November 30, 2009

Still Alive

...this was a triumph...

wait, no, that's not what I meant.

I meant there has been a spectacular gap between posts, augmented by Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, my KGS playing has dropped to nothing, and my DGS playing has ramped spectacularly.

I will mend this soon I think.

But, think on this: considering that I feel time bereft normally, and the thought of watching a movie seems a splurge of enormous proportions: an average KGS game runs as long as your average movie (eh, shorter than average)....

In the downtime, please enjoy drooling over this ripe, juicy pair of round, firm melons:

Sunday, November 15, 2009


A spectacular come from behind victory... for my opponent. Ugh. I was up easily 100 points, and do to one stupid mistake, ended up losing by 8.

My opponent (white) had a big dead group, one eye, but completely surrounded. So he's been increasing the size of the dead group for quite a while, desperately trying to make a second eye.

I've been responding pretty much to every move. But I grow weary of this, and want to punish him for constantly playing in what is clearly MY territory, so I tenuki somewhere else. I did this a few times, then, one time, SPECTACULARLY screw up.

Now, the game is more or less riding on a ko fight (actually, I still could have won with that group alive, but I made some other mistakes too...).

It's tough, because the ko fight is worth EVERYTHING to white, so I really didn't have threats big enough to counter. And when he finally took the ko, I forgot to follow through on my ko threat! That alone lost me the game.

I'm feeling frustrated at the moment, but I will eventually come to value this game as one that teaches me an important lesson. Here is the game and its heartbreaking score graph.


er.... UGH! As I'm preparing the game pic, I realize that at the point I thought I was screwed, I WAS NOT! The eye he threatened to make would have been false! Ugh, I'm even more frustrated now.

 Should have played 245 at G6, instead of F6...

Also, I'd recently creeped into the 12k zone, but since this game have fallen back into 13k.

I'll leave you with this pair of great tits...


Ugh... an even closer game I lost after this one (then I lost another after that... dang)...



I'm having trouble whipping out my nuclear tesuji in online games...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Topics, Boobies

Some topics I'd like to mention here, one day, when I have time to do so:
  • Ability to see Opponents Emotional State Through Play
  • More Early Beginner's (30-25k) Stuff / Go Proselytizing
  • Plateaus (may be reaching slightly above my current level)
  • Handicap Games, strategy for either side
  • Counting
  • Ladder Reading Tips
  • Go Proselytizing: What to say when someone asks "What's that game?"
  • Book Review (just got some neat new ones!)
  • Software Review
  • Technique/Move/Pattern of the Week sorta stuff
  • Blitz versus Tournament Times versus DGS versus No Time Limit
  • Training Regimen
  • Appreciating Pro Games
  • Online Go Clubs
  • Game Memorization
  • Post-Game Analysis
  • Go Server Greeting Rituals
  • McDonald's Dual Drive Through Order Thingies
  • McDonald's Making Hispanics Stand Outside Like The Drive-Thru Order Thingies Are Broken, But They're NOT
Since only Google and I read this blog (Lycos won't return my phone calls): Google, what topics would YOU like?

You know I'm  KGS fan, and this months tournament is a McMahon-style tourney with NO HANDICAP division. This means blood will flow through the streets, and I'm on the donor end of things. Still, should be fun... it's hard to get to play in high handicap games.

Although I did play against a 7k last night, with a 6 stone handicap. I was thoroughly intimidated, and it showed. Eventually I settled down, and even after I killed his corner group (total accident!), he kept throwing these wild plays into my well established territory, expecting me to slip up. Oddly enough, I won.

Oh, and in an attempt to obtain more readers, here's:

a nice, healthy looking pair of boobies

Monday, November 2, 2009

KGS Rank Craziness

For the rank graphs of KGS players who've been playing for a while, you'll see these weird sharp drops in rank, like this:

What the heck is this? Are they resetting the ranks every now and again? what's going on?

I only see this with higher ranked players... or with longer players, but that's really the same group, once you remove bots.

What's going on?

Side note:

This a KGS rating histogram from
It shows a couple of things:
  1. Why is it so hard to find low kyu (<12k) games on KGS
  2. Why the upcoming tournament has is split into: <1k, 1k, and >1k
  3. When the steady improvement will start to level off / when it will stop being fun.
Ok, so 'stop being fun' may not be fair, but the leveling off certainly seems certain. That is, unless I'm willing to devote increasingly large amounts of my life to go (which I'm not), and/or if I am willing and able to reverse the ravages of time effects on my mind (willing, but not able).

Cat Disassembly

 Here's an article you should read (via munin).

As fascinated as I am with the richer depths of go that I'm beginning to reach at my level (13kish), I am increasingly fascinated with the difficult problem of teaching go to new players.

This problem seems harder to me now that it ever has. Is this possibly because I'm losing touch with what it is like to be 30k? Is it because I'm so focused on learning what I need to make it to my next level that I only think about tactics and strategy at that level, not the issues of super early beginner play?

I mentioned before my concept of the beginner's hump (heh), the idea that there is this difficult, frustrating hurdle of initial concepts one must struggle through before getting to a more enjoyable, steady incline of learning.

How to get through it?

Dunno. Here's a quote from the article though:

She compared it to a child learning a language. Toddlers do not learn grammar and spelling and memorize words, they imitate and vocalize and learn through immersion and exposure and trial and error. They don't appear to have goals or embarrassment about how well they speak. They simply talk as best they can.
Toddlers really have no idea how talking works. They don't know that there are different languages, or that there are parts of speech, or even that there are words. They don't have any idea but yet they learn!

It does feel like learning a language. It seems much more natural than, say, learning chess. Maybe it's the increased visual element, pattern recognition.

Sometimes when the alarm goes off in the morning, I am not fully awake. Sometimes I am in a strange confusion, where I hold strong beliefs that some nonsense is true. One classic example is when I was spending too much time at work, and in the morning when a cat jumped up on me, I petted him but my brain thought it was disassembling (as in reversing computer machine code to assembly language, not the mechanical disassembling) the cat.

Anyway, this time I had worked too much AND played too much go before bed. So, in the morning, I was convinced that I could not get up until I solved some bizarre abstract problem that seemed (upon later waking reflection) to be composed a bizarre hybrid of program call stacks and go... like, CPU registers spread across two dimensions... it was weird. But I was convinced it was not weird, and was wondering what my wife would have to say about this obvious obstacle to our waking.

But... I digress.