Monday, October 12, 2009

Yikes! A week without a post!

I'm slacking! Busy week.

Too early to celebrate tipping over 14k on KGS? Probably.

That'll just jinx it. Bad when you're almost afraid to play a game for fear of losing measured rank. That's ridiculous, an inversion of what the rank is for: the rank is for measuring your quality of play -- you don't play to increase your rank. Still...

Alas, no time lately to play. Blogging from a pub next to my hotel... not an ideal playing environment.

I have been looking for a page I saw (I thought on Sensei's, like everything else) about the 'killing game', possibly called something else.

The deal is you surround every other 1st line point with a black stone. The goal is then for the white player to try to make groups that live, black's goal is to kill all his groups. Sounds like really good practice for me, I have a hard time making groups away from the edge live.

I wish there was a program I could use to do this. I will attempt to set up a SmartGo board with this and play against the computer. My concern is that SmartGo will simply attempt to make territory, and not kill my groups.

UPDATE: Yeah, it doesn't work. SmartGo ignores me, trying to make territory (the normal goal)

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