Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pattern: Tiger's Mouth Snapback

This is a little blurb I stuck on my Senseis's Library home page. (How's that line for too many links :P )

It's reproduced here:

I have seen a lot of problems lately (especially in Graded Go Problems for Beginners, 20-15kyu), where this pattern comes up.

The play at 1 should be considered an atari on marked stones, just as if played at a.

This is because, after this setup, a play at b will kill those marked stones ... they could capture the stone at b, but then be captured via snapback by another play at b.

Black's play at 1 may be more useful than playing at a, and is a good pattern to know. If nothing else, important not to fall into it's trap! (tiger trap? heh).

Rank Upgrade
Oh, I may have slipped into 13k finally on KGS. Let's see how long I stay there :P
I need more game time.... 

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