Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Go Problem Problem

"Graded Go Problems For Beginners", vol 3, problem 1

Black to play: "How should Black play so as to completely surround the white stones?"

The solution is given as 1 in the diagram below. BUT, I cannot figure out how that would work, given the white follow up at 2! The single 'incorrect' solution is given as black play at 2, white play out to the left somewhere. But it seems better than their 'correct' solution!

I've tried every variation, B at 1 then W at 2 always results with white breaking out, and smacking B around in the process. What am I missing?


I posted this problem on the go discussions forum, and got a reply pretty quickly.


I think I understand now -- it required deeper reading (about 8 moves) than I am accustomed to. This is the first problem in a book for 20k-15k, and it's stretching my brain to solve them. Perhaps I've gotten to used to reflex plays and do not bother to read out enough. I need to work on that.

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