Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are you sure you lost?

I need to learn to count.

So I (14k) played a 16k in a handicap game. It's a tough battle, and we're approaching endgame (or in endgame), when the other player resigns.

I look at the board... I honestly cannot tell who was in the lead. The conversation was thus:

(yaretsu resigns)
antinoun> Are you sure you lost?
yaretsu> yes
antinoun> Then you're a better player than I.

Which, oddly enough, is true.

I had won, but I could not tell, and he could.

I really want computer assisted go....



    how hard could it be

    i will start tonight

  2. What software did you use to get so nice graph?

  3. All the graphs and final game displays on this blog were obtained using SmartGo (http://www.smartgo.com/en/index.htm), a very nice (albeit kinda expensive) shareware Go analysis software.

    I like to review and comment SGFs in it, only downside is that it makes gigantic SGF files (which is why I have no been able to submit an SGF to the Go Teaching Ladder yet... SGF size)