Friday, September 18, 2009

Uh... I meant to kill that!



I played a handicap KGS game tonight against a 12k, and I lost by 42 or so. I thought I lost by a lot more. At the end, we're marking dead stones.

I click done.

I wait.

Suddenly, a huge section of white (opponent's) stones at the bottom is marked dead. I had been trying to kill this group, and had failed when it made two eyes. So I hit undo and say (not recorded in SGF for some reason): "hey, that white group at the bottom is alive".

"No, it's dead"


Slurm [6k]: is dead
Abarca22 [12k]: yep o8
Abarca22 [12k]: then k2
antinoun [15k]: oh wow
Abarca22 [12k]: :P
antinoun [15k]: I never even saw that
Abarca22 [12k]: jeje :)
antinoun [15k]: I mean, uh... I meant to kill that!
Abarca22 [12k]: thanks
antinoun [15k]: thanks, good game

Totally had no idea. False eye. Sumbitch.

I still lost, but not by the massive landslide I'd imagined. But it was hardly a match where I had to think about what the komi was at the end...

A more exciting score graph than normal, yes?

There was a lot more life and death than is typical for my games. Lots of scrambling for eyes and sudden surprise group losses. Neat.

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