Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some Random Beginner Page at Sensei's

I have a train-wreck of beginner go pages linked off my homepage at Sensei's Library. May be interesting to check out, if nothing other than observing weird humor.

It's kind of tiring and time-consuming to do those pages, so I may not do much more... we'll see.

It frustrates me that it is so hard to be Go++, even on 2nd easiest level. And it's irritating to play it or any other computer go programs. It's just not fun -- they never make tactical errors, and they play... weird.

I wish someone would make a Go program that simply played 'human-like'. Chessmaster does this well, where there is a large selection of 'virtual people' with different settings (blundering, aggression, will not sacrifice favorite pieces, etc). This would be wonderful for Go software.

I don't need a strong go program -- I'm not that strong. I want one that is interesting, and has enough play variety to not make me build bad habits (like not recognizing tactical errors of opponent).

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