Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Snuck in a game, now 15k on KGS

Yeah, it's just a rank. But it's fun to see it go up :P

Unfortunately, this little 'break' put me behind on work that I will now need to make up. Oh well, at least it reset my brain.

It was a fun game ! There is value in any game, assuming you are playing with all your faculties. But for fun, nothing beats an evenly matched game.

For this particular game, I really focused on sacrificing when necessary. I ended up losing a giant group (like 20 stones and maybe 10 points of territory) in the center that I failed to secure eye space for and failed to connect out. Once I accepted doom, I used the turns to lock down my large outside moyos and to steal corners. Luckily white was busy ensuring the massive kill, and I was able to steal a lot -- this time (several turns) probably won me the game. I'm not sure that the early abandonment of a large failed group counts as a 'sacrifice', but realizing it's doom early really helped me. I think I did throw in a few death thrashes in the form of stones (doesn't cost me anything if the opponent must play a stone in answer) thrown occasionally into the dying group. Helps keep the other player's blood thirst up, keeps them focused on killing the abandoned group while I take care of other matters.

Lots of one and two stone sacrifices later where I abandoned weak single containment stones in order to build a strong wall one or two spaces further out. That worked QUITE well.

A couple of worthless ko's were in there too, but nothing of interest.

The end of the game was crowned with an exciting fight to the death in the upper left corner, with a white invasion desperately trying to make a second eye, and a black 'finger of doom' desperately trying to stop it. Very hairy, always one move away from disaster. And with me playing things that feel maybe like a vital point, somehow. The last move was an atari white was hoping I did not see, but I had my eyes glued to the last liberty, hoping no white moves came up that would atari that finger-of-doom while threatening something else.

In the end white resigned, but, honestly, I was not sure who was winning. I think maybe after that corner I was winning, and I had massive territory at the bottom. Then again, I took massive losses in the center.

I can't score for crap. I really need to work on that. Especially since final score was something like B+137...

I credit the win to my having recently looked through the first chapter or so of attack and defense. I'm not saying it's a good book (hard to tell yet), but it got me thinking about sacrifice and prioritizing whole-board, and not getting obsessed with battles and killing.

Some of the final chat:

desba [15k]: :p
antinoun [16k]: don't forget your time (you are in byoyomi)
desba [15k]: thank's for tha game
antinoun [16k]: thanks
antinoun [15k]: you think I was in lead?
desba [15k]: off curse
antinoun [15k]: hard to tell with all the stones you took in center
antinoun [15k]: I'm really bad at judging score
antinoun [15k]: fun fight in upper left
antinoun [15k]: I didn't know how it would end
desba [15k]: you  take lot of stone in north-west
antinoun [15k]: it was a struggle
desba [15k]: i'try to trap you but you dont'
antinoun [15k]: I was counting those liberties :P
desba [15k]: if you don't have play in G17 it will be another end
antinoun [15k]: yeah, I was nervous that you would do something to make me miss playing g17
desba [15k]: :)
antinoun [15k]: thanks again for game, it was fun
desba [15k]: it was a good game,
desba [15k]: very fun

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