Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Killing Than Normal

Latest game against a 14k?. Yes, another '?'. He was 16k? after the game... he'd played a bunch of games, I'm wondering why the question mark is still there? No handicap, but I got to play black.

This game was all fighting. I really have a hard time pulling away from the contact fighting when the other guy doesn't, but luckily I was able to do so at a few key times.

I won a corner, and then lost two corners by losing several two-stone-on-third-line groups. At the times my thoughts were "wow, I should be able to learn some new techniques from analyzing my mistakes in this game." Having analyzed it, I'm not sure what I learned...

So, this guy wanted to fight, and fight all the time. Eventually I was able to use this a bit by chasing groups to build walls in center, which I desperately needed.

The unique thing about this game, was that I was able to kill two big groups by surrounding then poking out the eye (little bent 3s). The first one was exciting, because I needed two moves to kill it (meaning that it was 'alive' according to any other reference -- the trick is, they all assume proper play on both sides).

So, 137 was the hane to keep it from making an eye on the line, then the moment of truth -- will he play in the center of the big three and make his group alive? Tenuki! Yay, so I poked out the eye, and there was a big pause. If I had done that first, I guarantee he would have played the first-line point to make a second eye. The hane wasn't obviously a death threat, but a play in the eye always is.

Then later I did the same with a group right as it build it's eye wall.

Lots of blunders, growing dead things, atari-for-the-sake-of-atari.... all in the day of a DDK!

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