Sunday, September 27, 2009

Finally a game to submit to the Go Teaching Ladder!

I played three games tonight (yay!), which was only possible because the first two were short and I won via resignation.

The first two were players a good bit below me (I'm currently around 15k, I played an 18k and a 19k?, who may be several stones lower than that). On one hand, I'm being nice by playing lower levels (since they really can only hurt my rank, not help). On the other hand, I feel bad because I can easily beat them.

It is quite fun to win against handicap game though -- the feeling of knowing that you can just invade all over the place and win because of tactical advantages is neat. I've more often been on the other side -- it's quite discouraging to have a 7 stone handicap and still lose!

The third game was remarkable -- I won by 10.5 points, and 6.5 of that was komi. Easily the closest game I've ever played! I thought I had lost before the final count. Very fun! This is why I want to get better at go, so I can have more close games. They are much more exciting!

Because this game was 1) close, and 2) played seriously (30 min main time, I was trying my fullest, etc), it's a perfect candidate for me to submit to the go teaching ladder. But first I'll have to analyze and comment it myself, which will have to wait for tomorrow night.

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