Monday, September 21, 2009

Almost lost it to a 22k...

I took a break from go Sunday, although I still awoke with visions of plum bowls shapes dancing in my head.

I find it hard to get motivated to play a KGS game sometimes, but I always have fun once I do. It just does not sound interesting at first, especially at night when I'm tired.

Anyway, I did play a match, 6 stone handicap against a 22k. That's probably the highest handicap I've ever given to another player, but certainly not the highest I've taken.

We start fighting right away (and continued fighting almost the entire game -- I had a hard time playing out strategic moves). I kept making terrible blunders and errors, and lost many groups.

Finally I was able to sit up and actually tried to force myself to concentrate. Although I was still making blunders, I made far fewer and was able to opponents blunders.

Score turned in my favor about 247/339 (yes, 339 -- I had lost 32 prisoners and captured 27).

Bloody and brutal. I forget how different it is to be below 20k, although I played like it for a while tonight.

New player, admittedly confused about the game. I remember the initial confusion. I hope he keeps playing long enough for it to start to get really interesting (around 18-17k for me I think?)

Just shows, you rank is just an indicator of your average performance... I must have been several stones below my average tonight! Need rest.

links and pics will follow, maybe

UPDATE: ugh, it wasn't ranked! How did that happen? I don't know why it matters, but I really hate playing free games.

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